Everything you need to take care of your pet in Safracan

In Safracan we love the happiness of your pet and you, that’s why we work every day to offer you everything you need to take care of your pet.

We care about your pet, its health, its hygiene and its welfare, and for that we advise you on its habits, its customs and on what you can do to prevent the appearance of certain diseases. In addition, our team is formed by veterinarians, assistants and hairdressers who do everything they can for your pet to be well cared for.

Safracan we have three different sections to take care of your pet in an integral way:

Veterinary clinic

In our veterinary clinic we treat dogs, cats and exotic animals. We take care of vaccinations, analysis, surgery and hospitalization if necessary. We have an ultrasound and X-ray diagnostic service and we treat emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can also attend you at home!

Hairdressing and grooming

We take care of the complete hairdressing and grooming of your pet so that it is always very clean and very beautiful.
We take care of your pet’s hair and also cover grooming issues such as nail cutting, ear cleaning and gland expression.

We carry out the bathing and hair cutting of dogs, cats and exotic animals. In addition, if your pet has skin problems we also perform dermatological treatments and advise you on how to take care of it, since we have hairdressers and veterinarians in the same center.
We attend all breeds and use all the techniques: scissors, machine, complete peeling … Always by appointment.

The petshop

Our pet shop has everything you need to take care of your pet: accessories, hygiene products, food products and, in addition, our specialized advice.
We have special products for all types of pets: dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, exotic animals …
We have a wide range of high quality food for your pet with numerous offers and promotions, including veterinary prescription feed of different brands.

In our specialized shop we also have a wide selection of accessories for your pet: belts, collars, coats, beds …

We also offer an aquarium service, including its installation and maintenance.

In Safracan we have everything you need to make your pet and you live happily, visit us at Calle Historiador Miguel Ortuño, 41 and discover everything we have to offer!

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